Wearing comfortable shoes can help you complete the style statement

Clothes alone do not make a style statement. You need a perfect matching pair of shoes to complement the clothes you are wearing. The shoes should be apt. You cannot wear sneakers and expect them to match with your coat and suits. At the same time, your formal office wear shoes would look completely out of place with your Bermuda half pants. When you wear the apt shoes with the kind of clothes you wear, you invariably make a strong statement. However, you should always ascertain whether you are wearing comfortable shoes or not.

You can afford to have a tight pant or a loose shirt and pass it off as fashion. You would never be able to do that with the shoes. The shoes should have to be a perfect fit. A loose shoe would look very odd whereas a tight shoe would be downright uncomfortable. Hence, it becomes imperative that your shoe should look nice and feel nice at the same time. This was a difficult combination to achieve not so long ago. However, with the introduction of the EVA soles and the memory foam insoles have changed the equation considerably.

Many people would argue that the canvas shoes are flexible as they are. Hence, there would be no need for any extra comfort. However, they would be wrong. A tight shoe can cause tremendous problems to the feet. The feet would cramp up inside the shoe making it very difficult to walk. Secondly, the absence of the insoles can cause the heat from the roads and the beach sand to percolate inside the summer shoes and cause tremendous discomfort as well.

The answer to all these problems lays in the memory foam insoles. These insoles are special insoles in the sense that they can adjust to the contours of the feet perfectly. In doing so, they protect the feet from the blazing heat of the roads during the summer. You can use these insoles inside the formal wear shoes as well. These insoles are soft and mold according to the length and breadth of the feet.

The EVA soles are a beautiful invention. They have revolutionized the comfort angle in the mens summer shoes and the sports shoes in general. Sports persons swear by these EVA soles because of their shock absorbing qualities. These EVA soles have other great qualities as well. One such quality is that these soles are resistant to water. In fact, they are resistant to salt water as well. Hence, you can easily wear these beach shoes with the EVA soles right into the deep waters without having any fear of damaging the shoes.

These soles are resistant to oil, chemicals, and acids as well. Hence, the factory worker should not have any qualms about wearing these shoes to the factory sites. These EVA soles are flexible and very light as well. Therefore, whenever there is any talk about comfortable shoes, the EVA soles and the memory foam inner soles always find a place.

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